About WorldPop SDI

The WorldPop Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) team was created in 2018 as a means for WorldPop to facilitate the dissemination of the data produced during the WorldPop Global Project. The WorldPop SDI is led by Dr Maksym Bondarenko (Head of SDI), who is supported by David Kerr (GIS Application Developer) and overseen by Dr Alessandro Sorichetta (Associate Professor).

The functionality and capability of the SDI has since grown, with its overall aims being to assist members of the WorldPop research group in the development of applications and IT infrastructure that helps to enable their research, in addition to enabling the wider research community, policy makers and other organisations to access and make appropriate use of the data and methods developed by WorldPop.

In addition to external stakeholders/partners making use of WorldPop data, the WorldPop SDI work closely with the iSolutions (University of Southampton IT support team) and the University of Southampton High Performance Computing (HPC) teams for storage capacity and processing power. Other close partners include ESRI, with whom the SDI team are using an ArcGIS Enterprise server to hold WorldPop Data, the GRID3 Project, CEISIN and UNFPA.

WorldPop SDI Team

Meet the people behind SDI team

Dr Maksym Bondarenko
Dr Maksym Bondarenko

Head of Spatial Data Infrastructure

David Kerr
David Kerr

GIS Application Developer

Alessandro Sorichetta
Dr Alessandro Sorichetta

Associate Professor in Applied Geospatial Research