WorldPop Data Hub

The main - and possibly the most beginner-friendly - entry point in to the WorldPop repository is through the WorldPop website, which provides a tree-like view that can be easily navigated to find required data, and allow its download through secure HTTPS protocol. This is one of the most popular method through which WorldPop data is accessed both internally and externally, with hundreds of datasets being downloaded daily. Due to its popularity, it is important to ensure that this service is available at all times with minimal disruptions. Also WorldPop SDI team is maintaining an WorldPop FTP server to facilitate the bulk download of data sets, with a similar layout to the WorldPop website.

Many WorldPop datasets can be accessed using REST API requests. This makes it possible to automatically sync remote servers with WorldPop population data and to develop web applications that use API to query WorldPop servers. Due to the volume of requests received through this service, it is important to implement and maintain a queueing system to ensure that the hosting hardware is not overwhelmed, whilst minimising waiting times for users. This service is constantly expanding, with additional datasets, endpoints and functionality being added on a regular basis.